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I dig this.

This is a fantastic wee cartoon. Almost made me feel sad for some strange reason.

I liked the continue button instead of the constant loop like those other cartoons.

Mad props dude, keep them coming :)


I always wondered why there was a bulge in Lins pants, now I know the truth. It isn't a dead rat like she told me, it is infact a mighty mouse, top hat wearing dick.

I don't understand why she would be embarrassed by that. I mean, my dick only wears skirt.


I chuckled maybe three times. Not exactly what i was expecting.

Mindchambers was fucking genius though.

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Simply amazing.

I don't think I need to share any more thoughts on the matter.


The only real faults I can find about this game was that it was too short, your men ended up overpowered and the final mission was just so fucking tedious.

You still get a 5 and 10 though.

Best game I've played for a long time.

Well done Sir.

I rarely play games nowadays and when I do I'm always scouring the 'Defence Games' Section of NG. I'm glad to say that after 3 Hours 22 Minutes and 19 Seconds of playing this game it's now probably my favourite defence game I've played on Newgrounds.

It reminds me of games like FF Tactics and whatnot, it's a great "Time waster" (I say time waster, when I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent playing it.) and I think I'll be playing it for a few days more at least.

Thanks for submitting the game here because I never visit Kongregate because it's a shitty site to be honest.

Well done on an awesome game.

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Reminds me of The Nightmare before Christmas.

As someone said before, this is reminiscent of Danny Elfman at his prime. I've listened to it for about 20 minutes now. Damn good job.

Bosa responds:

That's who I had in mind while creating this song (along with Edward Scissorhands).

Pissed out me arse.

As much as I feel inclined to like anything you put out.... This is pushing the boundaries of drunken friendship.

Your Irish is as bad as Bland Tits in the movie Snatch.

Also, St Paddy liked young boys.

P.S. You still spell whisky wrong.


lao loal alaoa lo gmhaeo!


I never fucked that one up.... Fuck you.


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First Malazan book of the Fallen art I've seen on the site.

I take it you're a fan of the books but I wonder why you picked (out of all the fascinating characters in the books.) him to draw/paint.

Still a nice painting, the only thing I can remember is that I think his hair is braided at the sides. Still awesome.

You're a fag, fo realz nig!

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